Plan a Birthday Party

  • Parties can last up to two hours and must be scheduled in advance. The beginning and ending of the party follows the scheduled time, not the arrival of guests. If the party starts late, it will still end at the scheduled time.
  • The first hour of your party will consist of the activity of your choice: climbing or golf or both.

    After that time, you will be responsible for entertaining your guests until the party ends. Party-goers are not to return to the gym or golf course after they finish. The party may continue until the end of the scheduled time or you may end sooner, if you wish.

  • The nonrefundable reservation fee for a table space is $25. This is the price for one to three tables, which are provided by the facility. Tables will be set up inside or outside, based on weather and guest preference. Inside seating allows a party of about 15 people, total. Tables will not be set up inside the climbing gym. Your party time is reserved when the nonrefundable $25 table fee is paid and a copy of this policy is signed and returned.
  • You are allowed to bring pizza, cake, presents, etc. to the party. Ice cream and drinks are available at the facility, but you are not required to purchase them here. We do not supply paper products for the party.
  • Pricing:

    – Golfing only is $9/person. A group of 10+ golfers is $8/each. 20+ golfers = $7 each. Parents must monitor children while golfing.

    – Climbing only. Posted prices on the sign. They can choose 30 or 60 minutes. A discount for 6 or more.

    – Both $21/person for 30 minutes climbing + 1 game of golf. $26/ person for the same with 60 minutes.

  • Climbers must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian on file at the gym. Waivers are available at, at the facility, or by the QR code.
  • Climbers should wear snuggly fitting lace-up shoes.
  • Climbing will begin when all participating guests have arrived and will occur in a continuous 1 hour period. Guests will not leave the gym for other party activities and return to continue climbing without approval of staff. Bathroom breaks are allowed, but climbing harnesses are not to leave the gym.
  • The climbing gym will be open to other climbers at the time of the party.
  • Parking is limited on-site. Additional parking is available next door at Summit Community Bank.
  • The behavior of children is the responsibility of adults associated with the party. Children are not to be in the gym, on the golf course, or in the parking lot without the supervision of adults associated with the party. The gym will be supervised and controlled by belay staff, but they will be concentrating on climbers. Children waiting to climb during the party are under the care of adults with the party. Gym rules are posted.

A printable party policy can be found here.