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Mountain State Miniature Golf celebrates the culture and history of West Virginia with 18 challenging holes, each of which features an information sign explaining the theme of that hole, with additional interesting Mountain State facts and trivia. These features meet the criteria of many of the Content Standards and Objectives Policies of West Virginia Schools, including:

  • 2520.2 Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for Mathematics in West Virginia Schools: Mathematics.
  • 2520.4 The Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for Social Studies in West Virginia: West Virginia History.
  • 2520.6 21st Century Physical Education 5-12 Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools: Development of Motor Skills, Physical Activity, Personal Responsibility and Social Behavior.
You can use the information on our signs to create your own quizzes and games, reinforcing retention of the information students will read as they play through the course. A pdf version of the signs can be found here.